Style & Fashion


Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway – Coco Chanel

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome to the my world of style. Here you’ll find fashion, trends and styles I personally love from clothes, accessories, jewellery, shoes, bags and anything in between that I like.

On each style page you’ll find info on the items, where I bought them from, along with helpful links directly to products or or if out of stock, than to a similar item in case you want more details or wish to buy.

I live in London but travel the world very frequently (visit the Travel section of the blog for some photos and reviews from around the world). My style reflects my personality, my moods, my creativity, events I attend, my work, my passions and my lifestyle. Because there’s an outfit for all the above 🙂

Hope you guys have fun following me with my ever changing wardrobe through the styles of life…

Much Love Kavita x

If you wish for me to showcase/review your clothes or accessories please contact me at

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