Make up is art, Beauty is Spirit

Hello Beautiful People!

Here you’ll find reviews on beauty and make up that I have personally tried, tested, loved and hated over the course of time. Having tested many (yes many) I can finally say I have created a list of recommended products ranging from cult classics to new found favourites.  Here is where I can help take some of the guess work out of products and brands so you guys can read my unbiased reviews which can hopefully help in making decisions when you’re standing confused in beauty aisles or browsing the net in frustration.

I also don’t even want to think about how much time and money I’ve spent over the years, trying products in shops only to wonder what I was thinking when I got them home, or buying something only to find it didn’t really work or live up to the hype. So I’m here to keep you and your bank balance happier.

With make up, I’ll write reviews on products I purchase as well as testing products on different skin tones as we all know colours and shades look different on different skin tones, so everyone can buy for their own skin tones. I’ll include links to products so you know where to purchase them from.

I’ll also share my own beauty regime and review any new treatments I try. Feel free to share your own recommendations with me as this is all about helping one another to look and feel our best.

Happy reading! X

If you wish for me to review products/events please contact me at



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