Create the Look – Vamp It Up For Halloween!


If like me you love Halloween then you’ll no doubt love dressing up for all those scarily fun, fantasy indulging Halloween parties. I’ve secretly always wanted to be a Vampire – not just for Halloween might I add, so I wanted to create a simple Vampire look which is easy to put together, doesn’t take hours and won’t break the bank – as lets face it, you’re only going to wear your outfit once (or in the case below perhaps whenever I bloody feel like it).

Create the look below with a few key products that will ensure all Vampire eyes are on you this Halloween…



Create The Look

Scarecrow Love Bites – Deluxe Vampire Fangs – £9.99 – From Ebay
maria_white_1024x1024 – Maria White Contact Lenses – £6.99


L’oreal Paris Infallible Lip Gloss – Forgive My Sin Matte – £6.99

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